What is the best season to get married in Italy?

A view of Abruzzo

Getting married in Italy is a choice of love and an adventure to share with the partner and love ones all the way. Generally, celebrate the marriage in a foreign country means a completely peculiar journey, spiritual before that physical. Italy, in particular, is a country where everything is amplified, a land with a deep attachement to history and culture. Let yoursef be carried away in a sweet whirlpool of amazement: this is the best way to start the journey towards the celebration of your marriage.

To full enjoy such wonder, every detail has to be taken care of. In a previous article, we have given you the instructions to write down the checklist of your wedding. Now we want to reveal you another secret: the best season to get married in Italy.

Get married in Italy during the SPRING

In March the nature is waking up, everything is covered in pastel tones and blooming buds. Spring is the season of treasures that emerge to new life after the cold and the silence of winter. Getting married in italy during the spring means adding to an unforgettable day the wonder of a meadow covered with precious gems, or the sweet carees of the first rays of sun that frame the Venice lagoon.

Get married in Italy during the SUMMER

In summer, nature is in its full splendour. There is plenty of bright colors, the gardens are full of flowers and fruits. The air is thick with the smell of ripe corn and mature fruit. Rediscover the calm serenity of a wonderful location in the Abruzzo mountains, a stronghold of history and a perfect setting with the sweet sound of cicadas. You can also choose a teast of Mediterranean in a romantic place on the Adriatic, overlooking the sea reflecting the blue of the summer sky.

Get married in Italy during the AUTUMN

Warm colours embrace you in a fascinating range of hues and flavors. In autumn Italy can surprise you, thanks to some really striking views: the Italian Riviera with its rustic ad elegant beauty, Cinque Terre, Portofino, Santa Margherita and Portovenere. The natural beauty of the harvest in the vineyards of Friuli or the rustic scenery in the Apulian hinterland lend themselves to a magic tale.

Get married in Italy during the WINTER

Getting married in Italy during the winter means to be seduced by a suggestive and fine landscape. A peaceful atmosphere, perfect to make your dream come true in a fable-like location. It is not easy to choose among the many beautiful Italian historical cities, like Rome with its eternal charm, or Florence and its refined beauty.

Here is the secret: every season is the right season to get married in Italy. At all times of the year, nature creates the perfect setting for an unforgettable day with its beautiful places.