The initial checklist for your Italian wedding

Two spouses in Venice

Do you dream of getting married in a place full of beauty, history, tradition, culture? In Italy your dream can come true! This article comes from desire to share with you some basic steps for planning your most beautiful day. We have divided them according to time priority. The goal is to make marriage preparation less stressful, avoiding drawbacks and unexpected events as much as possible.


  1. Write down a list that explains what you want, your point of view, activities and main requirements for the wedding day and share it with the wedding planner. Email, Skype and messaging services like WhatsApp or Telegram will help you to stay in touch with the wedding planner. Collect all the information in one file and share it.
  2. Define the type of ceremony. It is important to know what kind of ceremony do you have in mind (Civil rite, Protestant, Catholic, Jewish, Hindu) to know in advance what documents to prepare and to request from the civil or religious authorities, but also to choose the most appropriate location and, generally, to define the style of marriage.
  3. Choose the location. Italy is a country of a thousand beauties. From the sea to the mountains, from the lakes to the cities of art: every landscape knows how to enchant with its peculiarities. Prepare a list of your favorite destinations and talk about it with the wedding planner. It is important to choose the scenery of your big day in advance, to understand if the location of your dreams can host the type of ceremony you choose and the number of guests you wish to invite. (Need some inspiration? Take a look at our article: “Top 5 Abruzzo’s wedding venues”).
  4. Do not neglect bureaucratic part. Differently from other European states, those who decide to get married in Italy do not need residence. However, some documents are required, according to the citizenship of the couple. You must contact the competent authorities in your country of residence (or citizenship) in order to obtain all documents before leaving for Italy. Here is a list:
  • valid passport
  • birth certificate
  • authorization and/or certificate of legal capacity to marry or other specific documents
  • document attesting citizenship
  • (if it is the case) final divorce decree or death certificate of the previous spouse
  • (for US citizens and few other countries) Affidavit
  • (for non EU-citizens) additional certificate confirming regulatory compliance


Getting married in Italy means giving yourself a wonderful emotion, getting in touch with a millenary culture deeply rooted in the past and in the beauty of the territory.

If you are thinking of Italy as a possible location for your wedding, visit our website and take a look at the weddings we have organized in unique locations in Abruzzo and throughout Italy.

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