Your destination wedding in Italy

What mean “destination wedding Italy”?

The destination wedding is like a trip but more and more, is like a wedding but more and more, is a wonderful marriage but already in honeymoon.

The destination wedding is a little bit different from the normal weddings. The number of guests is less than normale…if you has 200 guests, how many of these can go away for 3/4 days?

Normally a destination wedding has not more than 100 guests. This permits you to have a higher budget to make the other things and also to make something different. A lot of couples every years choose to marry in Italy. Almost 9000 couples have chosen Italy for their destination wedding in 2018!

The couples that decide to marry in Italy comes from UK, USA, Australia, Germany and also Canada. Normally the best moths are June or September but are increasing spring and also wedding during the Christmas holidays. Italy is one of the most romantic and sophisticated place in the world to have a dreamy wedding. Someone decide to have their wedding in Florence, or Venice, or Rome… Others prefer some location surrounded by nature, so decide to marry in the countryside in Tuscany, or to have marriage in the Amalfi coast or also on the Como Lake.

All over Italy there are wonderful places to have a perfect italian wedding. Also locations that are less popular than the most famous. Also Apulia and Sicily has been chosen for destination weddings. So many brides decide to marry in Abruzzo… on the beach or on the mountain in any ancient convent, rich of history and with a magical atmosphere.

The destination wedding permits you to have a funny trip with your parents, relatives and friends and also to have a charming marriage surrounded by the beauties and the special italian landscapes. You can spend a weekend to stay with person that you love and enjoy with them your love!

In Italy you can choose to marry on the beach, in a historical city, in an ancient borough, in a glamorous villa, surrounded by nature in one of the italian natural parks and so on. You can feel the traditions and romanticism of italians. Every wedding in Italy are special and full of charme and passionate. 

Every year we organize wedding for couples that loves the italian style… some of these has Italian origins.

A lot of these decide to have a destination wedding in Italy to remember their origin and culture but also to feel something different and exciting.

The 33% of the couples decide to have a civil wedding, the 33% opt for a symbolic ceremony and the other 36% want to have a religious ceremony.

Are you thinking to marry in Italy?

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