Beck & David

Beck & David wedding in an Italian castle

Beck and David destination wedding in an Italian castle at Procedi, near Rome, was simply amazing!

Their history is very emotional. The grandpa of David will go to live in UK after the second world war. He will go in Uk from a little borough in italy. Beck left her parents when she was young, she had grown up with her sister, grandpa and grandma. When she met David she fall in love with him…he became her prince! So they became the prince and the princess 😉

For this reason they decide that their wedding would be romantic and in a castle in Italy like a prince and a princess. So they think to marry in Italy and David propose her to have the marriage in Prossedi, the little borough near Rome in which his grandpa was born! In that borough there were still some brothers of his grandpa, he decide to invite them to his wedding with Beck. In Procedi there is a castle and we manage to get the authorization to have the ceremony there. The mayor was very happy about this wedding. The ceremony has been very emotional, Beck and David have written their own vows and they cried while they reading. The reception was in a traditional restaurant in a mill in the center of the borough, with a beautiful view on the hills. The food was traditional and the wine best. They drunk a lot of beer also 😉 there were a lot of speeches in italian and in english and an amazing atmosphere. The music was perfect, Beck and David has given a playlist to the dj with their favorite songs. They have danced on the terrace during the rest of the party.

At the end we have arranged the cutting of the wedding cake and in that moment there was the surprise…the fireworks! a perfect show to end a perfect wedding party in Italy!

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