An Apulia wedding is something magic! It’s one of the most recent italian region known in the world. A lot of  couple in the latest years have decided to have a marriage in Apulia. This italian region is something very particular and sophisticated. Here there are a lot of beautiful beaches and little characteristic town. All the land are covered by centenarian olive groves.

Beach wedding

The most beautiful day on the most exclusive beach in Italy.

Receptions and ceremonies can be arranged at the picturesque private beach with a stunning view over the cliffs; at the rooftop pool; charming and spacious park or in the elegant interiors.

Elegant Farm

Elegant Farm is not the classic room service, but the splendor, elegance and sophistication to get married in an old residence of the seventeenth century. Here you can celebrate the Rite of Marriage with Civil.

On an emotional level it is therefore the crowning of a promise of ‘love.

Sea Terrace

Here is possible to organize fantastic ceremonies on the beach.

The big garden permits to arrange very beautiful reception with the fantastic view of the sea. Relax area with eton-chic sofa, lanterns, pillow and so is the perfect place to continue your wedding party on the beach in Apulia.


In this Villa you will have the sensation of staiyng home thanks to the peace and the familiar atmosphere.

This Villa was an ancient apulian farm, the building has been restored keeping the original shapes and materials. In this venue there are “trulli” of the XVII century, these builds are the simbol of a rural past and today allow confortable 20 rooms surrounded by a wide park with garden and pathway for relaxing walks!

Stylish Farm

In this farm there are a lot of garden and square. In the wide hall there is a fireplace an a “trullo” an historical and charming Apulia stone building!

The many courts are the perfect frame for your wedding and ensure privacy.

The pool is surrounded by a woods and ancient walls! the pool doesn’t contain chlorine but salt that purificate it naturally!

Some of these towns are Ostuni, Taranto, Brindisi, Cisternino, Fasano. In Puglia there is a particular style of buildings. The most are white and have a style more like Greece. Then there is a characteristic building called “trullo”. Is a round white house with a pyramidal stone roof. The city Alberobello is known because all the house are “Trulli”. Here you can eat the best dairy product of the world and also very fresh and good seafood. There is a very good food and wine, people are friendly and welcoming the beaches are very different from each other, some are with sand, other with stones and some others overlooking by the Adriatic seasea.

Have a wedding in Apulia is very emotional. Is possible to have beach, country wedding or also weddings in the borough. The best location in this region are the so called “masserie”, they are elegant farmhouse with a country chic arrangements. Some of the elegant relais and villas have swimming pool and also rooms inside the typical “trulli”

As wedding planner in Apulia we have selected the best location. We have solutions to have your big day on the beach, in an elegant farmhouse, in a villa, in a relais and so on. It’s possible to arrange a civil ceremony inside the location that you have chosen or catholic ceremony in an ancient and historical church. There are churches in the landscapes with nothing around.  Normally in Apulia the marriages are 2/3 days long and are very rich of food. They organize very big wedding reception and start with aperitif, after this there is the buffet of starters. Next they have 2 main courses and 2 second course. At the end they conclude with wedding cake and the buffet of fruits and desserts.

There is also a traditional dance that can’t miss…, “la pizzica”. It’s a dance made with acoustic instruments in which women make a choreography together. In Apulia you could think to present at your guests the traditional ceramic pine cole. For your special day choose a country chic style, in the way you give importance to the tradition of this italian wonderful region.

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