Wedding Planner

We are italian wedding planner based in the middle ITALY but we work all over Italy.

Our work is to give you the wedding in Italy that you have always dreamed.
There are some important steps to follow.
First of all we have need some information about you and what type of wedding you prefer.

Is important for us to know your citizenship, the type of ceremony (religious, civil, symbolic), the place that you prefer in italy (Tuscany, Italian lakes, Rome, Venice, Amalfi coast, Apulia, Umbria, Abruzzo, and so on), your preferred type of location (villa, castle, garden, beach, and so on), the approximate number of guests, the date of your marriage.

After this we send you some options about the location and also a quotation for our service and an approximate quotation of the extra services (floral arrangements, musica, photo and video service, and so on)

We can organize everything for you: documentation, music, location, restaurant, catering, baby sitting, transportation, accommodation, hair style, make up, car, wedding favors and so on.

We have a wedding package that include our service for the preparation of wedding documents, organization and coordination of all marriage, our presence on the wedding day, an interpreter for the ceremony, the bride’s bouquet and also 2 hours of photo service.

This is our start package that permits to everyone to have a wonderful and romantic wedding in Italy.

We suggest the couples about the best decision to take, we start from their wedding idea to create something that talk about them, their personality and their love.

Normally we project something personalized according to the style, the desire and the needs of our client. is very fundamental for us to stay in touch with them and speak about what they prefer.

During the wedding day we are present all the day to coordinate bride and groom, suppliers and guests. We control that everything is like the bride and groom want and also if there is a problem we resolve it.

We help our client during the wedding day to have fun and no stress.

They enjoy all the day because we are there to supervise everything, to coordinate the suppliers, to decide the timing and to handle any problems.

We love our work! We enjoy our work! During the wedding day we are there for you!

Our greatest satisfaction is your smile at the end of the day!

We speak italian and english! If you are searching someone that can help you with your italian wedding, someone professional, organized, competent and nice…you have find it!

We invite you to visit the other page of our website and also the portfolio to see some of our works.


We can arrange in Italy a civil wedding, a religious wedding or a simple blessing the couples who decide to marry in Italy have different possibilities to organize their ceremony.

Is very important to choose the perfect place to have the own dream wedding.

The civil italian ceremony have a validity all over the world! Is important to prepare the right documents! The necessary documents change according to the nationality of bride and groom!

The civil ceremony can be celebrate in every town hall or in a villa, a castle, a cloister or a garden that have the  authorization of the town hall! Is officiated by the major of the city or a delegated officer at the presence of two witnesses!

Vento d’Eventi can recommends you the most beautiful, ancient and charming town hall for your wedding!

The religious wedding in Italy have also the civil validity!

If you want only the religious ceremony you have to present your civil marriage certificate!

Is possible to have the religious ceremony in every catholic church in italy! We have choose the most beautiful, romantic and charming churches in Italy! If you have been divorced and your wedding isn’t officially annulled you can’t have a religious ceremony!

The documents for a catholic wedding in Italy is the same all over the world! You have to obtain only a nulla osta from your bishop to get married in an italian parish! The documents must be ready not first the six months before the wedding and no longer the two months!

We can arrange also protestant and jewish wedding in an official church or sinagogue or in a villa or castle! We provide you an officiant officially recognized from Italian state.

Blessing or simbolic ceremony can be arranged everywhere, in a villa, a castle, on the beach! We provide you an officiant if you haven’t a special person, a friend or a parents that can celebrate your wedding! We can arrange something very particular because this is not a legal ceremony, so we can make all the things that we want. Is possible to insert readings of poets, writers or also personal readings.

Normally we suggest to introduce own vows and also sub-ceremonies such as the candles ceremony or the sand ceremony. This type of sub-ceremonies represent the union of 2 different person in a unique entity.

We love the blessing ceremonies, are so emotional and rich of love!

In the ceremony is very important the timing, our wedding planner it will be with you all the time to remind you everything and coordinate music, officiant, readings and so on.

What type of ceremony do you prefer? click here to view some of our civil and symbolic weddings

Flower Design and Arrangements

Nothing is left to the case, everything is studied, projected and created in every detail by our staff for your romantic marriage in italy.

Flowers and arrangements are the most important things to create the correct wedding style. Your big day with us will be wonderful also thanks to our staff that project, study and realized beautiful scenographies!

Our designers project the perfect scenography for your wedding in Italy according to the style of the venue and your preferred style.

There are a lot of details that give the perfect style in a wedding in Italy: the ceremony scenography, the centerpieces, the table plan, the photobooth corner, the favors, the lighting of the venue and so on!

Everything must be perfect and coordinate to give at your wedding an identity: your own identity! Normally we talk with the bride to have and idea of what she prefer for her wedding.

The bride send us also some pics. According to the bride’s ideas we think and design some different options and suggestions. We send these at the bride that give us her response. In this way we start to work together to create the perfect arrangements of her big day!

We also suggest the bride about the theme to follow, to create something elegant and harmonize.

Is very important for us to speak with our clients about it, because the wedding is not our…is yours and every single thing in the marriage have to speak about you!

The bouquet is very important to create the suitable bride style, it will be realized according to the wedding dress, make-up and hair style!

The decoration of your wedding ceremony it will be realized according to the style, the architecture and atmosphere of your location

We project a floral or ecological decoration that will be the perfect frame of your italian wedding.

Centerpieces, table plans, favors, lightings, photobooth corner, sweet table, tasting of rum and cigars, tasting of confetti…..all will be decorated according to the your style and personality! You and your partner will be the center of the entire party, the heart of the wedding, every detail will spoke of you and your love story!

We are specialized in lighting design. We project and create lighting scenographies that customize and give more personality at your wedding location.

To realize it we use italian bulbs, led falls, candles, lanterns, jars and so on.

We love this type of arrangements for evening weddings. Are elegant, clean and sophisticated. They give magic and atmosphere to the party, and transform the wedding in a dream!


The music during the ceremony it can be of different types. If you decide to have a religious ceremony we suggest you to hire classical musicians, so violin, piano, harp, soprano, flute and so on.

This type of musicians can play classical religious songs but also something different such us Ennio Morricone.

If you will have a civil of symbolic ceremony you could think to have also a live band of a dj to use during the marriage songs that are very important for you and that represent you love story. About the party there are more choices.

We always say “the music create the party”

it’s very true!

When you choose the type of music for your wedding in italy, you have to think about what kind of marriage you want.

Do you want something elegant that acts as a background?
In this case is more appropriate to have classical musicians such as piano and contrabass, or also harp, violin and flute. These are instruments that create a suggestive atmosphere but not a funny party.

If you dream a wedding that is elegant but also funny, probably you have to choose a live band.

Something with piano, bass and voice it will be perfect to have the right mood in the first part of the wedding party and after you could have something more animated to give funny at your wedding.

Do you want to dance all the time at your marriage party? So you have to decide about a live band with the guitar, the drum and also a very powerful voice.

The DJ is always a good choice because he could play the music that you want, he had an infinite musical playlist! He can play classical music, lounge music, pop and rock music or also dance music.

Is very important to decide the perfect musicians for the wedding because the music style define the party style.

We collaborate with the best local suppliers. They are professionals, funny and specialized in weddings!

This is very relevant, because the marriage party has very particular timing and is essential that musicians know it!

We also help the musicians to make at 100% their work, we coordinate the timing of the chef and also the music to create some moments during the reception in which is possible to have fun!

In Italy good food and good music during the wedding reception are fundamental!

Transportation and Accommodation

Couples who decide to marry in Italy normally have guests that comes abroad.

In this case is very important to give us the best services of transport and also accommodation Normally we decide with the bride and the groom what service is the best fro their guests.

As your wedding planner in Italy we will help you to find the best solution for transport and organize everything with your guests!

All depends on what italian place you choose and where your guest arrive and if they arrive together or not. If your guests arrive in different places and times the best solution is to arrange a minivan that give a shuttle service from airport or train or station to hotel and opposite.

For the wedding day we can think to organize a bus that go at every hotel and take all guest to bring them to the ceremony and after to the reception and at the end accompany them to their hotel.

Sometimes we have arranged also taxi service that guest could call according to their necessity also the day before and after the wedding. Another important thing is to set up the accommodation of your guests. Is fundamental to give them different solutions of places and also prices.

Someone could prefer a relais, someone a villa, someone a b&b and someone something more quiet like an elegant farmhouse You have to give them different prices and also places in which they can find disparate services.

In this case we will be the intermediary between them and the transport agency, the hotels, b&b and so on.

We will give them all info about the transportation and accommodation.

We manage the hotel prenotation. We will organize the timing of arrive, the check in at the hotel, the transportation during the wedding day.

Another fundamental think is the car that will bring the bride and the groom at the ceremony normally in this service are included the transportation from hotel to the ceremony, from ceremony to take photos, from photo to restaurant.

In this case the bride and the groom can choose a lot of different cars, moto or “ape car” about car they can decide to have a modern car or a vintage car…the best italian vintage car is the “fiat 500” but there are a lot of beautiful cars also something more vintage like the first cars invented.

Also they can opt for a volkswagen minibus or a moto like the italian “vespa”

Hair Style and Make Up

These services are more dedicated to the bride but sometimes also for groom.

The hair style and make up are very important to create the bride’s style. They have to be thanked according to the wedding dress, the bride’s face and her type of eyes, lips and so on.

Normally we ask to the bride to send us a photo of their face and also of the dress. If they have also some ideas can send us other pics found on web.

We work with different hair stylist and make up artist that we have selected according to our experience.

As your italian wedding planner, if the couple come in Italy some months before the wedding we arrange also some free test to give the possibility at the bride to exam the different solution and also decide what they prefer.

Is important to choose someone that is not only professional but also is fundamental to have empathy with him or her.

In the latest year the trend is to have a smokey eyes or something natural and a spontaneous hair style