Alessia and David amazing wedding in Santo Stefano di Sessanio

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Alessia and David decided to celebrate their wedding in the wonderful setting of Santo Stefano di Sessanio, right in the heart of Abruzzo’s National Park. Shooting the wedding of such a fantastic couple was truly exciting and touching!

Nestled in a 4,100 ft-high hill, Santo Stefano di Sessanio figures among the most beautiful medieval villages in Abruzzo, thanks to its well preserved medieval architecture which is still fully intact today. The houses and the streets are made of white limestone. The Torre Medicea dominates the entire village. The cylindrical tower is named after Florence’s most important family, De’ Medici, who has ruled over the small medieval town during the 16th century.

The small village twists and turns through stairways, alleys, and cobblestones where time seems to have stopped. Moving along such amazing scenery, the bride arrived at Sextantio, where the ceremony was being held, accompanied by her father. Visibly moved, she joined David at the altar. The kiss, and the celebrations with friends and relatives following the vows swept all the tension away.

The outdoor shooting was a fun way to capture photos of the couple interacting with the surrounding landscape. Here is Alessia throwing her bouquet to David from a balconet, or the two spouses in the act of exchanging a romantic kiss in Vico dei Baci (Kiss Alley), or, again, the two in the act of cuddling each other, deep into the captivating Abruzzo’s scenery.

The day ended at Sextantio’s restaurant, in an intimate, distinctive, and elegant atmosphere made out of applauses, toasts, and deep feelings. Alessia and David kept for the whole time the typical complicity of a couple in love. The cut of the cake marked the beginning of their sweet and joyful new life together. It was a great honour and privilege for us to be there to narrate their story!


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