Abruzzo & Umbria

Your Italian riviera wedding will be original and you will breath the real italian atmosphere! We can arrange a beach wedding in an exclusive location with excellent food and wine, or in a wine resort sorrounded by a favolous vineyard, in an intimate private medieval borough surrounded by nature, a country wedding in an old villa on the italian hill, in an old-century castle on italian mountain to have a wedding permeated by italian traditions and culture!

Wine Resort

This castle is at 1:45 hour from Rome and 40 minutes from Pescara, was built between XVII and XVIII centuries and the owner was a baronian family and now property of an important wine. This castle surprise its guest with luxurius details and the fantastic landscape, infact it was built on the higher point of the hill!

You can choose to stay in the Baronian part of the castle, in the secret garden, in the barn, in the dungeon of the castle, in the oil mill or in the room of old barrels.

There are 11 double rooms for your guests!

Medieval Borough

This borough is situated at 1:00 hour from Rome and 1:00 hour from Pescara, is one of the most beautiful boroughs in Italy. In origin this town was a small Roman settlement.

This is the perfect location for a wedding immersed in italian history! In this borough you can even assist at traditional italian artisan works!

There are 27 rooms for you guests!

Farmhouse in the Countryside

This ancient mas of 1625 is at 1:40 from Rome and at 20 minute from Pescara. This location is dream and fairy, surrounded by a country landscape!

The indoor space is more elegant and sophisticated, outdoor there are wide gardens and country porch! This is the perfect venue for a shabby chic wedding!

Can accomodate from 2 to 250 guests!

Country Residence

This is a charming location between Pescara and Ancona. If you want an intimate, elegant and simple wedding in Italy, this is the perfect location! It has also rooms inside!


This location is a monastery at 1:20 hour from Pescara airport in a mountain with beautiful landscapes all around! In this location is possible to have the civil ceremony inside in a wonderful and historical ex church.

There is a church a few minutes away. This is a location with restaurant inside. Inside there are 11 rooms and you could have accomodations and there are other b&b near.

This location is on the mountain, not very close to shop and so on..so is important to have a good transportation.


This is typical adriatic wooden building in which in possible to have civil ceremony and also reception. It could accomodate up to 100 guests for reception. Is at 1 hour from Pescara but its very beautiful experience for your guests.

The sea menu price is typically of Abruzzo

Abruzzo is one of the middle italy’s region. Abruzzo is enchanted, is very rich in nature, history, tourism, food and enjoyi in Abruzzo there is the sea, the countryside and also the most important mountains of the middle italy. Is the only region in Italy in which is possible to sky seeing the sea, and swim looking at the mountains. There are wild places, solitary beaches and a lot of restaurants, hotels, b&b, glamour night life and so on. For your Italian riviera wedding you can choose among different location. There are luxurious villas, ancient castles, antique monasteries, beautiful farmhouse, modern venues and beach venues. One of the most particular venues to have ceremony and reception is the “trabocco”, an ancient wooden building built on the sea, it was used in the past but also now to fish.

Is perfect to have an unconventional, original and unrepeatable wedding in Abruzzo. Is possible to have the civil ceremony inside the same location of the reception or you could decide to have a catholic wedding in one of the most beautiful and ancient churches, in particular they have romantic style, are churches made with stones. Abruzzo is very well connected with Rome and has an international airport in Pescara. Pescara is the most important city in Abruzzo. We are wedding planner based in Abruzzo. We known very well this territory, its tradition, culture, history. In particular in Abruzzo we use to arrange during the buffet of fruits and desserts the “confettata” is a tasting of different types of confetti, an italian product made with almond inside and aromatized chocolate outside with a cover of sugar.

Another very beautiful region is Marche. Marche are at the nord of Abruzzo. It has beautiful beaches and very characteristic borough. Also here there are a lot of villas perfect for wedding receptions and his very well connected thanks to the international airport in Ancona. Your wedding in Marche it will be fabulous. There is also Umbria, a region in the heart of Italy. here you can eat the best italian truffles and chocolate. Two of the most important cities in Umbria are Perugia and Norcia, are medieval boroughs with beautiful historical centers. Wedding in Umbria are surrounded by history, elegant and ancient palace or beautiful landscape in a chic relais.

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