If you love the countryside, Tuscany is the best region to marriage in Italy. Tuscany is in the heart of italy, in Tuscany you can have a countryside landscape but also a beach location!  With its old villas surrounded by a bucolic countryside with a lot of vineyards is the perfect frame for your wedding in Italy! Tuscany is the perfect location for your country chic wedding in Italy!

Luxurious villa

Once again people are looking for destinations that have not been over-hyped, for places where they can rediscover the classical elements of existence: earth, water, air and fire.

Places like this, which offers a taste of the old Tuscany. Here you can find hills, forests, lakes, wild animals, vegetable gardens, orchards and a private astronomical observatory. On the splendid terraces, capable of seating over 200 people, and in the warm ambience of the rooms inside, such exceptional events are staged by the hosts with attention to the smallest detail


In this location is possible to have elegant weddings in the garden or in the central court of the castle!

The wedding hall have charming painting and can hospitate 100 guests. There are luxurious rooms in which you can accomodate. A romantic wedding in a romantic venue!

Villa in Florence

In the charming atmosphere of Florence, surrounded by the green hills looking upon the banks of the River Arno, this venue is the ideal location to organize your wedding in Tuscany.

The large panoramic terrace, enjoying a stunning view over the city of Florence, is the perfect scenery to set up wedding parties as well as private banquets and receptions. In this location Vento d’Eventi organizes wonderful events putting at your disposal all places required for an enchanting ceremony, a delicious banquet, or a possible stay.

The Hotel offers luxurious rooms and suites.


This monumental palace was built by Senator Alessandro Capponi (1644-1716). The construction started in 1701 and was completed in a few years.

The magnificence of the residence, the fame of its decorations and the rich collections it housed, made it a pole of attraction for many foreign visitors, including Cochin and Montesquieu.

In this venue the most important italian an international company have dinner, congress and so much! Is an exclusive location for an exclusive wedding!

Medieval Villa

An ancient stone building of the medieval time builded on XII-XIII century.

The wedding hall with ancient ceiling and cross vaulted, the wide fireplace, the wide garden.

All in this venue say “history”. Is certainly a charming location for a wedding that could have many style: elegant, sophisticated, country or shabby chic!

We can arrange a civil wedding in one of the town hall in characteristic and emotional small town on the tuscany hills or a catholic ceremony in a church or a civil ceremony in the same villa of reception. The most famous town in Tuscany is Florence, the hearth of Italian artist such as painters, sculptors, scientists. Florence is full of historical building and important museum! The others more important cities in Tuscany are Pisa, Arezzo, Lucca and Siena. There are also medieval borough such us San Gimignano, Cortona, Volterra, and Montalcino that are wonderful to visit, in this places you can feel like in the medieval time! In Tuscany you can find the quiet and also the tradition. You can choose to marriage in an elegant villa, a medieval castle, a fabulous palace or an elegant relais.

There are a lot of elegant farmhouse perfect to arrange a country wedding in Italy. Also the landscapes are wonderful, a lot of country streets surrounded by vineyards, hills and so on. If you like the italian food, in Tuscany you could eat the best italian food! If you like the wine, in tuscany you will drink the most famous italian wine in the world. We love to arrange weddings in Tuscany because here is possible to have weddings that are parties…an informal atmosphere permits to everyone to feel at home. All the wedding location proposed by us have the possibility to have the civil or a symbolic ceremony inside. Also some little churches are closer these locations and is possible to arrange religious ceremony!

This italian region is something very particular, that have its own personality and beautiful we have chosen some wedding villas and restaurant that are perfect to have wedding. These locations have also the possibilities to have accommodations for your guests. Are near the most important tuscany cities and not too much distant from international airport.

As your wedding planner in Tuscany we will help you to discover the perfect location for your italian wedding, organize all the things…the document for ceremony, the transportation and accommodation for your guests, the arrangements, the catering, the music, all the smallest details for you big day in Italy! You will love this the charming scenery of this italian region called Tuscany!

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